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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

MEMO: To Republican National Committee

MEMO: from the desk of just another Conservative Hard Working Average American bent over holding his ankles.

TO: Republican National Committee

RE: Your email that I received today from John Mc Cain asking for donations while John Mc Cain votes to support ear marks galore.

You tell John Mc Cain that he won't get my vote and he won't get one red cent from me in this election cycle because he is a lying Washington insider pretending to be "maverick".

He is about to vote to support 500 pages of a stinking, pile of crap that should be titled "Bad Loan Bail Out and Wool Research etc".

How can you seriously send me an email asking me to donate money when Mc Cain is about to sign the very kind of legislation that he is supposed to rail against?

By his very actions he is proving himself to be no better than the clever closet Marxist on the other side of the competition.

You guys and gals at the RNC must be finding this campaign real hard going - yeah?

What with all the cognitive dissonance you must be experiencing - it would be enough to make your head explode.

PS: Amazing how fast your phones answer when I offer to make a donation. Amazing how impossible it is to get through to express my displeasure at these "bail out" bills.

Keep bailing! But you're on a sinking ship!

Yours sincerely,


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