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Friday, November 10, 2006

Here is why I continue to support the Democratization of Iraq. Do you? Would you ever support an American invasion of another country to remove an evil, murderous dictator and bring - say even attempt - to bring freedoms, liberties and happiness to another group of people?

There will always be evil people in the world. And there will always be evil systems. That is to say, political groups, religious groups, national groups, splinter groups of people. Over time, many of those benign, well intentioned groups evolve into entities that they were never intended to be in the first place. Sometimes they involve into better groups, sometimes not. That does not change the fact that they do evolve and sometimes evolve into evil groups. Evil groups end up containing evil people. They may not have been evil to begin with but they became evil and the individuals within those groups often think of themselves as being good, doing good and belonging to a good group. But they're not.

So how do I know if you are good or I am good? And how do you or I know if we belong to good or bad groups? Scrutiny under rational thought processes. So spare me your moral relativism.

The more I see of what's happening in the great nation that is the USA the more depressing it seems right now. We have just entered into a regressive period. The collective group think (Democrats and Republicans, liberals and some conservatives) is that the war in Iraq was a mistake and that we should have left it all alone. Why else would Democrats be able to take control of the House and Senate? When the outrage against global evil is not there and people are not aware of the risk to their future. When a majority believes that democracy is only good for us and, no matter how bad things might be in another part of the world, it is just not worth giving, even attempting, to give what we have to "them". It is just not worth 3,000 US soldiers lives, 50,000 Iraqi's lives, whatever the number, it's not something we want to give anyone else. I call it selfishness.

Due to that, we (the peoples of the USA) will have to suffer another huge attack. Then we will be reminded that all of our selfishness will have actually made us less safer than if we had been loving and saw ourselves as human as all humans are. But I fear that the peoples of this Earth will have suffered much greater and for far longer before we (the USA) get truly involved. Nations are going to be destroyed or overrun and millions may die before the USA wakes up. The sleeping giant is sound asleep - hibernating. So sad for those unlucky enough to not live inside the sleeping chamber.

When that brave soldier took his own talisman and gave it to a small girl he was doing what every one of us should take and live as a defining principle. He was equal to her and he was as human as her. She deserved what he had. He was only able to give her a small gift but what he was really giving was something beyond. It was liberation. If was freedom. It was social. It was civil. It was just. It was good. It was loving. It was selfless.

So many of our soldiers are selfless. Why are they called murderers?

As things look like on the ground right now, if we depart Iraq within the next five years, we will be letting it return into the hands of monsters. If the current Iraqi government wants us to leave earlier, that is one thing. But if we decide that we will give or let it back early into the hands of tyranny, violence, the criminals, then we will have forgotten that we are human and that all deserve what we have.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Well, all this talk from me about nuke'ing the Islamic world led me to this great American general.

General Black Jack Pershing 1860-1948

You don't read about THIS at the Wikipedia entry.

I wonder why?
Global Warming - How to Fix It

Today I digress into one of my other pet peeves with the ignorant world of humanity.

Global Warming - oh my god! We're all going to die!

Well maybe not, and maybe global warming is real but the Greenies of the world won't let us use the most likely energy producing candidate for solving our global warming problems.

Basic knowledge of physics points to nuclear and solar power as the two most efficient ways to get us out of any global warming problem we might have.

But look at this news article from Australia. So a reasonable politician suggests that nuclear power is a great way to help solve global warming but no we can't do that.

Bob Brown proves just how disconnected he is from reality when he says that the primary reason that nuclear power is bad is because John Howard is still in power. It is Bob Brown who is using tired old last century Chernobyl style scare tactics. Nuclear power and solar power are the ONLY forms of energy production that are going to get us out of our global warming problem. The sooner the "greens" work that out and can get past their own slavish pursuit of power, the better for all of us.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dumb soldiers make great comedians

Look at this picture. What a great picture! Admire it. A brilliant executed combination of wit and withering critique.

If you're laughing, take a moment to thank a soldier.

If you’re not laughing, you’re not American.

If you’re an American citizen and you're not laughing then you’re un-American and don’t understand the value and importance of the very freedoms you have that allow you to have the thinking that is not making you laugh. Take a long hard look at yourself and say "Something is wrong with me because I should be laughing".

Oh, but Liberals don't like self examination.

He's a communist, Benjamin!

He's a communist, Benjamin. Communists don't change. It's a terminal illness." - Private Benjamin The Movie 1980

Communists, Socialists, Liberals - what's the difference?

5,000 terrorists have been captured or killed since 9/11 because of CIA operatives and the Military. We finally once again have a great General as the director of the CIA, Michael V. Hayden who is not afraid to be well....a General. Patton would be so proud.

Let's all think about when we go to the polls this Novemeber 7th. Although the Republican party has become "too soft" for me, the other option is not very appealing. The liberals in this country have become like the Europeans who think there is always two sides to every story and that there is never true right or wrong.

Let the Nancy Pelosi honeymoon begin for the liberals. I say, on November 7th, call off the wedding! Being in bed with a liberal is dangerous. You never know what you will catch .........or become.