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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Godly Reminders of What's Important

I injured my wrist recently. Now I must unwrap my wrist out of its fiberglass splint to type this blog. How did I injure it? Golfing (well that's another high class problem to add to my list). I have inflammation of some tendons and ligaments. My wrist generates a nasty "click" each time I flex it - in almost any direction. It's painful. Work is a little difficult too since most of my work is done in front of a computer. Will it heal? Yes. Will there be any permanent disability? No. Nothing Motrin and immobilization won't fix - given enough time.

What's my point? The election is about more than just a temporary injury. We're talking about lives here. Soldiers lives given so that others may live in freedom. Those would be American soldiers lives given so that foreigners in foreign lands have an opportunity to live in a way that we take for granted too often.

Notice how "the economy" is the only thing Obama wants to talk about? Notice how Iraq and Afghanistan are just far away places better left forgotten? Biden's best talking point about the big bad world out there is just plain retarded - there will be a generated what?

I looked at my wrist this morning and thought about those soldiers who died and those who are maimed or permanently disabled, disfigured.

I already know who to vote for but I can thank God's remarkable invention of the wrist to remind me today about another real compelling reason that I should vote and who to vote for.

Now where's that splint?

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