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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nuclear is for Western Democracies ONLY!

Any dealings that the West has with Iran must be based upon the fact that Iran is a religious dictatorship that has little to no respect for individual human rights, property rights as well as freedom of religion nor freedom of the press. Nations that do not respect these rights should never be permitted to possess the tools needed to develop Nuclear weapons and those tools would include Nuclear power stations. If you're not a real democracy then you don't get to go Nuclear. Why? Because going Nuclear implies possessing the power to destroy hundreds of thousands of people and if you don't respect your own people then you can't be expected nor trusted to respect other humans in other Nations. In fact, we can and should expect that you will use your Nuclear arsenal as leverage to advance your lack of respect for Humanity. That is precisely why Iran would want to pursue Nuclear technology.

And this is why the current U.S. and E.U. methods for dealing with Iran and their pursuit of nuclear technology will not work, not now - not ever. Toying with the political words surrounding Nuclear technology itself is a waste of time. We need to use human rights issue to paint Iran into a corner where it must acknowledge and deal with its constant abuses of its own people. Presenting Iran the no Nuclear argument alone is easily refuted by the clever doublespeak of Iran 's leaders and brilliant photo shopped propaganda. The regime must be confronted with its major failings to its own people. Those failings are the ones that we consider to be Democracy's greatest achievements.

For example, I get to write my blog and not get imprisoned, tortured then beheaded. You get to read this without fear of your family being turned out of their home before you too are sent to a kangaroo court.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Refusing Islam

I'm just a lonely blogger. One or two of my friends have looked at some of my blogs. I don't exactly blog much. What does my contribution mean? Will it be here 20 years from now? 100 years from now? 1,000 years from now? Not if Islam takes over it won't. Because despite my patience and analytical mind, I can honestly say that I will NEVER adopt Islam. And this small blog is a very small statement of my declaration of refusal to submit to Islam. I am no Christian fundamentalist. I go to Church maybe four times a year. I was brought up in a staunch Christian household. That experience taught me the dangers of religious supremacy.

If this blog is here one hundred years from now then I think it safe to say that Islam lost this round and The Renaissance won.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Amir Taheri New York Post Op-Ed

This is what the main stream media would never admit.

The good news comes in slowly. The bad news from the MSM is relentless but still - wrong.
The West is in Denial
As of today this is my general statement about the stupidity of our (US) foreign policy as pertaining to the ongoing denial that we are fighting an ideology of hate spawned from a religion that professes peace but that generally advocates violence and hatred of our peaceful and just Western principles. Sooner or later, we are going to have to face the same choices that were forced upon the West during World War II. Are we going to force our righteous and just system of governance and civility upon our enemy and their failed culture? Are we going to defeat them by imposing our workable systems upon them? Are we going to kill them until they accept those egalitarian systems? Are we going to use the bomb or not? Our culture is better than theirs. They must accept our system of democracy, justice and individual human rights. If they don't, they'll be destroyed.