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Monday, November 22, 2004

The Sunni's were never going to cooperate with the United States.

The MSM continues to misunderstand the basic strategic political situation in Iraq. Does the media truly think that invading Fallujah enraged the Sunni's? But they were OK with us invading Iraq?

The Associated Press article sums it up: "Anger among Sunnis rose after Iraqi troops backed by U.S. soldiers Friday raided the Abu Hanifa mosque in Azamiyah - one of the most revered sites in Sunni Islam. Three worshippers were killed, witnesses said."

No, the "Anger among Sunnis" can't be any higher than it already is!

Almost any reporting from the MSM on Fallujah and Mosques etc is premised on the following:

is going to be the primary reason the Sunni's revolt against the upcoming elections.

Ah sorry, but the Sunni's have been in hatred driven revolt from day one of the coalition invasion. Do you think they are going to be particularly supportive of free democratic elections as they continue watching their brutal despotic powers slip through their blood covered hands? Watching their power and influence reducing day after day isn't going to make their anger any more heightened than it already is.

They hate us for having taken away their power!

Nor does it matter how many Mosques we invade. The Sunni's are always going to make alot of noise when we take our infidel military boots into their righteous spaces. It won't matter how many worshippers (who may turn out to be insurgents or innocents) get killed. They hate the fact that we remain in country with no sign of leaving. We troop around owning the power and redistributing it at our own will.

The Sunni's hate the simple fact that we came uninvited into their blood covered country and rested power from them with the intention of handing it back to people other than Sunni's. They were and remain the big losers and they don't like it one bit. They don't like anything we do. They hate everything we do. And they are going to oppose us, as long as we stand between them ruling Iraq and the Iraqi people ruling Iraq.

Unless we subdue them, they will never stop opposing us. Let them fear us first. Then perhaps we'll get their respect and later, their cooperation.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The French Government might not be our allies after all.

It says alot that French President Chirac snubs Interim Iraqi President Allawi and then visits a dead terrorist called Arafat and says, “I have come to bow before president Yasser Arafat and pay him a final homage,” saying this after a 25-minute visit.

Credit my most insightful wife Stella who picked up on this within a nano second of seeing Chirac parading in front of the cameras.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

We Distort, You Comply

I commute from Connecticut to New York on the Metro North railroad. Foxnews channel chooses to place billboards ads in the carriages. From time to time, Foxnews also puts up billboards in the New York subway system. Check out another bloggers comments and photos on the Foxnews billboard defacements in New York. I've noticed that the billboards are always defaced within a very short period of time. Over the last six months I've noticed maybe half a dozen different billboards defaced. Sometimes a thick marker is used to pen "Liars" or some other similar scrawl. On one occasion someone had made a failed attempt to rip the sign in half.

But recently I noticed two separate occasions where a smaller than usual bumper sticker was used to obsure the Foxnews signage, "We report. You decide.". The defacing sticker is carefully made to fit exactly over the motto so that it is replaced with, "We distort. You comply."

Now defacing billboards is nothing new and perhaps it's not that important to note that Foxnews gets its own special treatment along with all the other hapless billboards of the world.
But what I find particularly unique in this instance of vandalism is the level of effort put forth. The vandal was particularly careful to accurately place the sticker exactly positioned in perfect horizontal and vertical alignment. This was no misguided youth making mischief. Someone went to a great deal of trouble to measure the size of the billboard white space for the text and went on to produce a sticker with closely matching typeface, then positioned the nefarious text in exact position.

The miscreant would then have to have the supply of stickers handy and on their person at all times as they ride the system. Or otherwise they would have to ride the trains all day long to come upon the billboards. If there is more than one person at work here, do they actually walk the carriages looking for the Foxnews billboards?

A Google search on "we distort you comply" returns T-shirt websites along with the usual sites that slam Foxnews. But I couldn't find any bumper stickers with that particular text. Does some leftist group actually produce these stickers? Or is some leftist showing rare entrepreneurial skills?

More importantly, what sort of weirdo, whether one or more, thinks that this is making any point other than that there are some seriously misguided people in the world?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A word on the Republican victory of 2004.

The National Review editorial says, "The president overcame the hostility of liberals, the media, European public and elite opinion, and some of the deepest pockets of the Left. He also guided his party to a broad victory: Not since 1936 has a president won reelection with expanded majorities in the House and Senate. Democrats will now have to rethink their positions on foreign policy and, if they have the stomach for it, on social issues as well."

Now, notice left leaning pundits, consultants, and hacks, in concert with main stream media; immediately implying that it is Bush who needs to "change the tone" and "bring the divided country back together".


Actually, it is the liberals, and in particular, the Democrat party leadership that needs to cast a critical eye upon itself. For it is they who have the divisive platform and the nasty poisonous tone. It is the Democrat leadership who are "out of step with the American people". It is the - now defunct - John Kerry, John Edwards ticket who sees "a divided Amercia", "two America's".

As I write this, Neil Cavuto is interviewing Mark Levin (WABC radio) and after hearing nothing but "Bush needs to become a uniter", it is Mark who finally breaks my frustration with the media (courtesy of Foxnews, of course). His paraphrased words? "Actually the Republicans need to lean over the aisle and slap some of these democrats around."

It is the Democrat minority leader, Tom Daschle, who is now joining the unemployment line. It is the Democrat party that lost more seats in the Senate. It is the Democrat party that lost more seats in Congress. It is the Democrat presidential ticket that delivered a 51% to 48% majority to President Bush.

This is about the American people choosing the Republican party and the President, despite and in spite of, all the divisive rhetoric from the Democrats.

All of the states that had a referendum on marriage showed 60% or more support for marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Bush says in his victory speech "we have good allies on our side" and "we want our children to live in freedom and in peace".

Now we know Americans are not stupid or angry. They are team players - family people with family values. In other words, they are religious.

God bless America!