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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A word on the Republican victory of 2004.

The National Review editorial says, "The president overcame the hostility of liberals, the media, European public and elite opinion, and some of the deepest pockets of the Left. He also guided his party to a broad victory: Not since 1936 has a president won reelection with expanded majorities in the House and Senate. Democrats will now have to rethink their positions on foreign policy and, if they have the stomach for it, on social issues as well."

Now, notice left leaning pundits, consultants, and hacks, in concert with main stream media; immediately implying that it is Bush who needs to "change the tone" and "bring the divided country back together".


Actually, it is the liberals, and in particular, the Democrat party leadership that needs to cast a critical eye upon itself. For it is they who have the divisive platform and the nasty poisonous tone. It is the Democrat leadership who are "out of step with the American people". It is the - now defunct - John Kerry, John Edwards ticket who sees "a divided Amercia", "two America's".

As I write this, Neil Cavuto is interviewing Mark Levin (WABC radio) and after hearing nothing but "Bush needs to become a uniter", it is Mark who finally breaks my frustration with the media (courtesy of Foxnews, of course). His paraphrased words? "Actually the Republicans need to lean over the aisle and slap some of these democrats around."

It is the Democrat minority leader, Tom Daschle, who is now joining the unemployment line. It is the Democrat party that lost more seats in the Senate. It is the Democrat party that lost more seats in Congress. It is the Democrat presidential ticket that delivered a 51% to 48% majority to President Bush.

This is about the American people choosing the Republican party and the President, despite and in spite of, all the divisive rhetoric from the Democrats.

All of the states that had a referendum on marriage showed 60% or more support for marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Bush says in his victory speech "we have good allies on our side" and "we want our children to live in freedom and in peace".

Now we know Americans are not stupid or angry. They are team players - family people with family values. In other words, they are religious.

God bless America!

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