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Monday, November 22, 2004

The Sunni's were never going to cooperate with the United States.

The MSM continues to misunderstand the basic strategic political situation in Iraq. Does the media truly think that invading Fallujah enraged the Sunni's? But they were OK with us invading Iraq?

The Associated Press article sums it up: "Anger among Sunnis rose after Iraqi troops backed by U.S. soldiers Friday raided the Abu Hanifa mosque in Azamiyah - one of the most revered sites in Sunni Islam. Three worshippers were killed, witnesses said."

No, the "Anger among Sunnis" can't be any higher than it already is!

Almost any reporting from the MSM on Fallujah and Mosques etc is premised on the following:

is going to be the primary reason the Sunni's revolt against the upcoming elections.

Ah sorry, but the Sunni's have been in hatred driven revolt from day one of the coalition invasion. Do you think they are going to be particularly supportive of free democratic elections as they continue watching their brutal despotic powers slip through their blood covered hands? Watching their power and influence reducing day after day isn't going to make their anger any more heightened than it already is.

They hate us for having taken away their power!

Nor does it matter how many Mosques we invade. The Sunni's are always going to make alot of noise when we take our infidel military boots into their righteous spaces. It won't matter how many worshippers (who may turn out to be insurgents or innocents) get killed. They hate the fact that we remain in country with no sign of leaving. We troop around owning the power and redistributing it at our own will.

The Sunni's hate the simple fact that we came uninvited into their blood covered country and rested power from them with the intention of handing it back to people other than Sunni's. They were and remain the big losers and they don't like it one bit. They don't like anything we do. They hate everything we do. And they are going to oppose us, as long as we stand between them ruling Iraq and the Iraqi people ruling Iraq.

Unless we subdue them, they will never stop opposing us. Let them fear us first. Then perhaps we'll get their respect and later, their cooperation.

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