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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

We Distort, You Comply

I commute from Connecticut to New York on the Metro North railroad. Foxnews channel chooses to place billboards ads in the carriages. From time to time, Foxnews also puts up billboards in the New York subway system. Check out another bloggers comments and photos on the Foxnews billboard defacements in New York. I've noticed that the billboards are always defaced within a very short period of time. Over the last six months I've noticed maybe half a dozen different billboards defaced. Sometimes a thick marker is used to pen "Liars" or some other similar scrawl. On one occasion someone had made a failed attempt to rip the sign in half.

But recently I noticed two separate occasions where a smaller than usual bumper sticker was used to obsure the Foxnews signage, "We report. You decide.". The defacing sticker is carefully made to fit exactly over the motto so that it is replaced with, "We distort. You comply."

Now defacing billboards is nothing new and perhaps it's not that important to note that Foxnews gets its own special treatment along with all the other hapless billboards of the world.
But what I find particularly unique in this instance of vandalism is the level of effort put forth. The vandal was particularly careful to accurately place the sticker exactly positioned in perfect horizontal and vertical alignment. This was no misguided youth making mischief. Someone went to a great deal of trouble to measure the size of the billboard white space for the text and went on to produce a sticker with closely matching typeface, then positioned the nefarious text in exact position.

The miscreant would then have to have the supply of stickers handy and on their person at all times as they ride the system. Or otherwise they would have to ride the trains all day long to come upon the billboards. If there is more than one person at work here, do they actually walk the carriages looking for the Foxnews billboards?

A Google search on "we distort you comply" returns T-shirt websites along with the usual sites that slam Foxnews. But I couldn't find any bumper stickers with that particular text. Does some leftist group actually produce these stickers? Or is some leftist showing rare entrepreneurial skills?

More importantly, what sort of weirdo, whether one or more, thinks that this is making any point other than that there are some seriously misguided people in the world?

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