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Monday, September 15, 2008

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Radical? And why isn't the American media asking?

So for months I've been wondering what it is about Barack Hussein Obama that catches me in the back of throat. There's something about his "words" that just don't jive - they sound phoney. Yeah sure, they lack substance but then there are many politicians (almost all) whose words are nebulous, ambiguous and non specific; especially in an election cycle. No, there's something else about Obama's populist "message" that makes me cringe.

And now I know what it is. It would be the fact that he is a phoney. Not a phoney in the typical politician way. No, his phoniness is based upon a revolutionary Marxism. And he learned it from a well known revolutionary's writings. His name is Saul Alinsky and to gain an insight into the ideological underpinnings of Obama one must understand Alinsky and his world view. To do this I encourage you to read all of the following links and then ask yourself: Does America want a radical leftist as President? And then also ask yourself: What will the "change" be that Obama speaks of? Could that change be toward a more socialist America? Is Obama being honest when he talks of change without specifying exactly what that change really will be? Is Obama being less than honest with the American people about who he is and what he stands for?

Melanie Phillips - The Spectator (UK)

Wikipedia - Saul_Alinsky

News Alert blog

American Thinker

Now, using all of that information as your foundation - what does Obama really mean by "change you can believe in"?

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