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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If you're offended that I posted this picture of Muhammed about to blow his own head off then you're probably a Muslim. I make no apology for offending you. Be offended. You don't have to kill anyone because you're offended. You don't have to torch an embassy because you're offended. You don't have to violently demonstrate - because you're offended. Just be offended. With 4 billion of us living on one planet people are likely to get offended many times. But people don't have any excuse for killing people, demonstrating violently or torching embassies because they are offended. Sometimes people offend me because of their opinions about numerous things that go on in this world. I don't kill people who offend me, and if it's good enough for me and the people I live with then it should be good for you to act that way too. The Muslim religion needs to reform itself so that it can handle being offended by the publishing of derogatory pictures of Muhammed. Muslims need to be able to handle being offended. Only then will the Muslim world get the respect that it now craves but isn't getting. I call upon all Muslims of the world to reform your own religion so that no one shall die as a result of your being offended. It isn't right that you belong to a religion that has people in it who excuse murder in the name of Muhammed. I mean after all, Muhammed was a peaceful man.

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