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Friday, January 19, 2007

Courageous Good People Sign Up For The Army

Here is a link to why one brave soldier signed up for the Army that you must read in its entirety.

Army 2nd Lt. Mark J. Daily, 23 went to Iraq and was killed.

What he wrote, I wish I wrote. What he did, I wish I did.

Those are wonderfully eloquent words of wisdom from a courageous young man. Through his writing you get to know who he was - he was a good man who held high ideals and lived according to his morals.

It is a shame that a volunteer military only takes in those men and women who want to sign up because too many of them die and we are left with a society full of those dregs who don't want to go because they are not the sort of the person that this great man, as an example, was.

Instead we are surrounded by shallow, selfish fools who say they support the troops but if they ever met these individual troops they supposedly support they would never agree with that troop's thinking.

God Bless and Rest in Peace Mark J. Daily

And here is another courageous woman who gave here life for others. A civilian.

God Bless and Rest in Peace Andrea Parhamovich

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