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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Look at this picture.

Before the US and allies invaded Iraq and removed Saddam Hussein, this is exactly what I advocated setting off in the middle of the Persian Gulf. Give 48 hours notice to all shipping in the region to get out of the area. Then we would set off a nuclear weapon right there and let it be a warning to the middle east to sort itself out.

Now watching the Iraq war for a couple of years. Having intently watched as US soldiers have laid their lives down instead of using their own tax payer funded hitech superior weaponry to defend themselves. Having restrained ourselves, nay, twisted ourselves like pretzels to accomodate vicious, religious barbarians, I am reiterating my original position. Nuke 'em!

Sad to have to do it. Grave moral responsibility taken onboard. Illegal, of course. But ultimately, successful. And success is the sweet smell of victory.

When only just last week a 14 year old Iraqi boy was held down by four "insurgents" and summarily executed by beheading. His only crime being that he said admitted he was a Christian (and proudly too). When snipers are able to pick off our soldiers one by one. Or suicide murderers destroy groups of poor people at a city market who only want a job. Isn't it time that we just admitted that we need to get serious about destroying the enemy, accept the "collateral damage" and get the whole Islamic worlds attention with a nuclear detonation that kills at least 100,000, hopefully more. Hopefully, in the sense that the death of innocent, good people is horrible but those deaths MUST occur for the enemy to take notice and be defeated.

Take a look at that picture and imagine the stunned silence afterward. That is the silence heard when a nation, a religion and their rulers are forced to face a fundamental philosophical shift. We won, you lost. You're not going to succeed. Your mind set has failed you. We're right, you're wrong. Now, we tell you what you're going to do.

You either play nice in the world or we WILL destroy you.

The only alternative for us is to wait and let it to happen to us.

Nuke 'em! NOW!

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