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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My old friend Paul asks:

"Whats your take on the Election now (the US one I mean). I am surprised that Bush is ahead given the situation in Iraq with Americans footing the bill. Is Kerry really that bad or do you think the media play a part in shaping opinions. Did you like Fahrenheit 9/11?"

I replied:

I think this article just about sums up my opinion on the Democrats, John Kerry et al.

I wouldn't see F9/11 on principle but I'll say this: mendacity and paranoia!

I was here on Sept 11 and the planes were real, the fire and destruction were real, and the thousands murdered REAL and it wasn't Mr Bush who did it or conspired to do it. Anyone who suggests such a thing is working from outside of reality.

I guess Mr Bush conspired to kill Australians in Bali, the Beslan school children and the Spaniards too.

I am a strong subscriber to Occams Razor. Bin Laden and Hussein colluded together - see "The Connection - Stephen F Hayes" - Radical Islamic terrorists are waging a war on the West. It began in the late sixties, early seventies. It escalated slowly, was largely ignored in the 80's and 90's and became deadly serious on September 11.

And finally, a majority (slim perhaps but I am thinking Bush is going to win by about 5 to 10 points) of Americans support Liberty and Freedom and the same Americans believe that there is no cost that can be placed upon Liberty and Freedom. It doesn't matter what it costs. It has to be paid for - in blood and treasure.

Otherwise, we might as well all accept that radical militant sharia based Islam is going to send the world back into the dark ages. That's not a condition that most Americans are willing to accept - not for us and not for the rest of the world either. I won't let the western system of governance and justice be turned over to a blunt knife on my own infidel neck.

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